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Photography Collections

"I stumbled on Clara's website while looking for branding photography for my business. Her Content Subscription service was exactly what I needed! Working with her was streamlined and she puts thought in the details and strategy. She makes you feel comfortable during the session and was a pleasure to work with. My whole experience with her has been so professional and has far exceeded my expectations! If you’re in Eastern Washington or Northwest Idaho, I highly recommend her for branding photography!

- Rebekah Hebdon, Owner of a marketing strategy business

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I'm here to take the stress out of social media. Having a Content Creation Session quarterly or bi-annually will not only provide you with enough pictures to post for the entire year, but images that allow you to grow, relate, and authentically educate your audience! I will take care of choosing locations, outfits, and hyping you up in front of the camera, so you can focus on what you love and are best at - running your business! Within a month of your session you'll receive an entire gallery of high-resolution images that fit your niche so writing a caption will be effortless. 

You'll have pictures to post for an entire year that feel like you! 

Content Subscription

Before Every Session, we will have a 30 Minute Branding Consultation and you will receive your Custom Digital Style Guide which includes:
- Outfits
- Locations
- Goals for the Session
- Specific Marketing Uses and Must-Have Shots

- 1.5 Hour Session
- Up to 2 Locations
- Up to 3 Outfits
- 92 High-Resolution Digital Files, Watermark Free from Every Session
- Enough Content if you Post 7x a Week for the Entire Quarter
- Unlimited Usage on Website and Social Media

Since my calendar books out almost a year in advance, with the Content Subscription, you have guaranteed access to my availability every quarter! The Booking Process is so simple. All that’s required is the signing of my contract and choosing a payment plan depending on what works best for you. You can either pay for each session a week before it takes place, or divide the cost of the 4 sessions over 12 monthly payments. It can all be done from your phone, so easy! Once you’re officially booked, then I'll be your photographer, branding, and social media specialist for an entire year! I can't wait to get to know you!

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Establish Yourself as an Expert in your Industry

Increase Referrals From Past Clients by Staying on the Forefront of their Mind with Consistent Posting

Be a Go-To Source for Education and Inspiration by Relating with Your Audience and Gaining their Trust

As a Result of Consistently Posting Professional Content that Aligns with your Brand you will:

Winter Content

Spring Content

Fall Content

Summer Content

Session in January, February or March

Session in October, November, or December

Session in April, May or June

Session in July, August, or September

Detail Shots:
Update your Website Banners, and use on your Instagram Stories since there is Negative Space for Text.


Action Shots:
Demonstrate your specialty so your potential clients can envision themselves working with you.


Update Your Profile Picture, Business Card & About Me Page Photo on Your Website


Included in Every Galllery:

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"I was immediately impressed with Clara - she has a good eye and is professional. I hired her to do a personal branding session for me and she BLEW ME AWAY with her attention to details. I don't want to give too much away....but she makes you feel special and cared for, no doubt. Her studio was amazing and she was great with me during what I find to be uncomfortable (being in front of the camera). She sent me a few sneak peeks within 27 hours of completing our shoot! I'm so excited to see the finished product. Highly recommend!"

- Jessica White, Owner of a Profit-focused coaching and consulting business along with the Network in action franchise

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It's time to show your face on your website, and change your profile picture to a headshot instead of a logo so that people can connect with you! Your clients won't work with you unless they trust you, and they can't trust someone they don't know. 

I not only take beautiful headshots, but I will strategically tell your story through images that will attract your ideal clients. I will draw our your true self and use my branding and social media expertise to make your business stand out!

Every business is different which is why every branding collection is unique. Fill out the contact form so that we can schedule a complimentary phone call consultation and I can send you a custom quote once I get to know you better! 

People buy from people. Many businesses offer the same thing, so what makes them different? The owner. Show your face, make your potential clients resonate and love you, for you! Remember that YOU are your biggest marketing tool because there's only one of you.

Personal Branding Session

Begin the Conversation....

Establish a sense of trust with potential clients before they even contact you, breaking down some of their first potential objections from the beginning. Through professional headshots that you feel yourself in or pictures of your office, first time clients will feel so much more at ease if they know what their experience will be!

I have a natural light studio in downtown Spokane with Seamless Backdrops for headshots, or I can travel to your workplace depending on your vision and goals for the session.


Whether you're looking for professional images for a billboard, your LinkedIn profile, or website, I will provide your with images for all of your marketing purposes.

Commercial or Headshot Session

Get a Custom Quote...

We can still work together regardless of what state you live in! Simply mail your products to my studio since I have my entire lighting, backdrop, and prop setup that I use to style your products! I’ve worked with businesses as far as the Hawaiian Islands. The process is so simple.

In addition to product photos with a white background for your online store, I take styled shots of your products for your marketing purposes. I will showcase your products in ways that the consumer will be using them to increase your sales. It gives them an idea of what the product will look like in their home and in their hand! I always ensure that the surroundings don't take away from the product.

I take care of styling and photographing products and food for all online store platforms from Amazon Listings to Etsy Stores.

Product Session

Begin the Conversation to get a Custom Quote...

I will guide you through poses, and will deliver your entire gallery via email afterwards!

Your Session

You will Receive a Digital Style Guide with the Session Timeline, Outfits, and Locations.

I will plan everything

We will schedule a consultation, so I can get to know you and provide you with a custom quote. I want to hear your heart behind what you do!

As soon as you inquire

The Clara Jay Branding Experience:

I'll be here for you every step of the way...

I will guide you through poses, and will deliver your entire gallery via email afterwards!

Your Session

You will Receive a Digital Style Guide with the Session Timeline, Outfits, and Locations.


You will receive a Digital Style Guide with the Session Timeline, Outfits, and Locations.

I will plan everything

I will guide you through poses, and will deliver your entire gallery via email afterwards!

Your Session

You will Receive a Digital Style Guide with the Session Timeline, Outfits, and Locations.


I will guide your through poses, and will deliver your entire gallery with professional watermark-free images!

Your Session

Fill out my contact form below and I will email you back in one business day! I would love to set up a complimentary consultation over the phone to hear more about your brand and photography needs.

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